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Stop the rumors oil

Stop the rumors oil

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Stop gossip sachet powder is meant to stop others from gossiping and talking about you. Used to dress papers, anoint candles, and mojo bags to stop gossip.
This sachet powder is used to protect against bad people who might harm you with bad rumors and gossip that might affect your reputation in some way.

“Ferme la bouche! Shut your mouth! Stop gossip in its tracks and reverse the damage that it has done if you know who is gossiping, inscribe their name on the top of the candle. If you do not know where it is coming from, draw a mouth on a piece of petition paper and draw a mouth, write your name in the center of the mouth. Now draw an “X” over the entire picture and place it under a white candle, sprinkle your sachet powder & Light your candle.”


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