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Special Favor Oil

Special Favor Oil

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Specfavors Oil is designed to help you get the things that matter most to you. This blend is powerful for petitioning Orishas or the Saints. It is used for all kinds of situations, including love, luck and money. This oil works great during times of crisis, desperation or stress.Our blend of Special Favors Oil is made with vanilla, lodestone, five fingers grass, lime, alfalfa, carnation and a couple of other lucky oils and herbs. Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Special Favors Oil comes in a 4.6 oz bottle.

For divination work, I suggest you work with Saints, such as Saint Jude or Saint Expedite. You can use any white candle. White and gold work the best when you ask for a special request. When petitioning an Orisha, work with the color of candle associated with their specific color. Anoint the candle, starting about half way up and draw it towards you. Use parchment paper to write out your petition. Anoint it with Special Favors Oil. The paper should be folded towards you. Then turn the paper 90 degrees before folding it one more time towards you. Put the paper underneath a candle. Then light the candle and read Psalm 57.

Special Favors Oil can also be dabbed onto your body, to anoint an altar or put in a bath. It can be put on important documents, dabbed on shoes or rubbed on money. Anoint a dime with and carry inside your pocket. You can also place some on a door.



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