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One of the most fundamental rituals and needed frequently are the Spiritual Baths (Despojos) that helps you remove any negativity, energy shocks, or dark spirits that a person may have taken in their daily activity or directly targeted by third people. It also helps balance their internal and external energies promoting the positive flow for prosperity, wealth, happiness, health and love.

* For Bath Use - Being in a mood of calm and relaxation. At the time of bathing, you can pour the contents into a large bucket or container with water, or directly on yourself starting gently from the neck down while meditating and praying in the requests and desires that you claim (Praying words included). Wait a few minutes and dry off.

* For Floor Wash Use - Add contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors from the back of your home to the front. Clean your house praying the words included to avoid the evil eye from envy people.


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