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Power oil

Power oil

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Power Oil is based on traditional hoodoo recipes that encourage mastery,
personal power and the ability to influence others. It is designed to help you
combat low self-esteem or lack in confidence. It also has the ability to help
you influence others, master difficult situations, and give you extra vitality
and authority in any situation. It has been known to encourage others to
follow your lead or to seek your opinion. Furthermore, it can enhance and
magnify one’s spiritual abilities, particularly when one is performing any
type of divination work. To put it simply, it increases your personal power.
It also contains herbs an oils that have strong attracting properties. Comes
in a 1/2 oz round bottle. Power oil can be used in a number of ways. You can
dab some on your body, put a few drops in your bath, rub some on your alter or
magical tools, anoint some on your front door, feed it to a mojo bag or honey
jar or you can anoint it on your favorite charm or talisman. Put some on your
desk at work or anoint yourself with some before you make a presentation.
Power oil can be used in any type of divination work as well. One great candle
divination technique is get a purple pillar candle or a 7 day glass encased
one. Anoint the candle midway up and facing towards you. If you use an encased
candle poke four holes in the top and put in a few drops of power oil into
each hole. On a piece of paper draw a circle in red ink (a red pen works
fine). Within the circle, write that which you seek to have power over. You
can also include anything you would like to draw into your life. On the outer
part of the circle, draw four arrows from each direction. Fold the paper
towards you and place under the candle. When the candle burns out, place the
remaining wax and your petition in the soil of a plant you keep in your home.
It is believed that placing your petition in a plant will help it grow



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