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Green Candle 🕯Growth in life 🪴

Green Candle 🕯Growth in life 🪴

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Green candle meanings for manifestation-Green is the color of abundance and growth.
It’s also the color of the heart chakra, which encourages love for yourself and others. That means if you’re trying to manifest something that involves love, money, or growth, green is an excellent color choice.
Green candles are great for manifestation spells involving money because they bring prosperity and abundance into your life.
They are also good if you want to attract new customers or clients for your business.
Another fun thing you can do with green candle magick is work with green candles if you want to manifest something that requires new growth in your life. The color green is all about flourishing and nurturing so it’s great for long-term stability with your money.How do manifestation spells work? Generally speaking, manifestation spells and rituals work because they serve as a formal process of asking the universe to grant your request.
Keep in mind, there are other steps you need to follow before you ask the universe for things but overall you can use spells and rituals to ask. Candle magic, or ‘candle magick’, is a spiritual practice that involves using an external source of energy in order to amplify your intentions and enable you to manifest.
In this case, the external source of energy is fire.
Fire is a powerful force and has been used as a catalyst for change for centuries.
You can use candles with your manifestations to amplify your intentions and bring you closer to achieving your goals – so this is an excellent manifestation technique if you want results quickly. important consideration for your candle is the color of the candle. The most important thing is the clarity and strength of your intention.
Next, you need a safe place to practice your manifestation – somewhere where candles can be safely burned.
Be very careful and cautious with candles and fire – always exercise common sense when it comes to candle magic.

Get your candle and your pen and paper. Think about what you want, and light the candle while holding that intention. Feel free to say aloud “as I light this candle, I set the intention that xyz…. While your candle is burning, Make sure you visualize your intention manifesting while you write your desire, and use lots of descriptive words that make your desire come to life!


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