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Battle win oil

Battle win oil

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This Traditional hoodoo recipe has the ability to help you gain an added edge in your competition. It also has the ability to help you gain mastery over any situation you are faced with it. Furthermore, it is known to help with low self-esteem or any type confidence issue. Battle win Oil is frequently used to influence other people in order for you to obtain a more Battle win powe. It encourages others to ask for your opinion or follow your lead. It also can magnify your spiritual abilities, especially in cases where a person is performing conjure or divination. It simply will increase one's own Battle win. It has resins, oils and herbs that have strong attraction elements. So be careful! It comes in a 1/2 ounce round bottle. You can use Battle win Oil in a variety of ways. You can put some on your body, sprinkle some into your bath water, rub some onto your magic tools or altar, place some on your front door, anoint your favorite talismans and charms, or use it to feed your mojo bag. Try putting some on your desk or anointing yourself with some right before you make that important presentation. Battle win oil can be used also for divination work. You will want to work with a purple colored candle. Pillar and glass encased candles work well. Anoint the candle with the Battle win  Oil drawing up up form the middle of the candle to the top. If you use a glass-encased candle, put four holes in the top and put a few drops of the Battle win oil into each hole. Draw a circle on a piece of paper using red ink. Inside that circle, write down whatever you want to have the power over. Draw four arrows in each direction on the outside of the circle. Fold the paper in half, folding it towards you, and put it under the candle. You always want to make sure the candle is placed in an appropriate candle holder. When the candle has finished burning, put the rest of the wax and the paper with your petition on it in the soil of a plant you have inside your home. It is thought that by putting the petition with the plant that it will cause it to grow better. For external use only. A skin test is always recommended prior to wearing or bathing.


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