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Our anointing oils are a fusion of grapeseed oil, flower essences, essential and fragrance oils blended and blessed to call forth the angels and ascended masters. Anoint on your pulse points, use as perfume or add to your bath water. You can also dress your candles or add to your aroma burner (include water to prevent from diluting) (0.5 fluid oz)

Note: Not for internal use. Do not ingest. Discontinue use if sensitive to skin.

We all have at least two guardian angels guiding us, protecting us, and filling us with inspiration. Remember to invoke them when you want their assistance, for they always come when you call upon them.

Scent: Lavender (Peace, Harmony), Lemon (Purification), Juniper (Protection)

Flower Essence: Angelica (Protection and guidance from spiritual beings)

Invocation: "I call upon my angels to suround me with love, light and protection. Everyday I am divinely blessed for my angels walk with me."


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